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Welcome to the website of Don Bradley Ministries! You have come to the right place to be blessed because you have come to the place where God is at work transforming the lives of people through the ministry of Rev. Don Bradley. On this site, you will find information and inspiration on how God can change your life. Visit our Programs and Classes page to learn about the seminars and workshops we offer and how you can book Don for your event or schedule a seminar/workshop for your organization. Visit our Contact us page to learn how you can pose your theological question to Don. Visit our News and Events page to learn about Rev. Bradley's book, Reflections of the Soul, and his forthcoming book, For Such a Time as This.


Don Bradley is truly a visionary for the Body of Christ.  In today's society, Christians are faced with so many issues: war in Afghanistan, the rights of gays and lesbians, the on-going controversy of separation of church and state, rising crime, declining morality, drugs, and a host of other things. Don has been given the call of God to go forth with His Word and call Christians back to a higher standard of holiness and godliness.


Reverend Bradley's ministry is dedicated to teaching and preaching the Word of God in a creative way. He does this through workshops and seminars on topics ranging from prophecy to money management. He is also an anointed preacher that God uses to inspire and transform His people. Previous sermons have included: "Talk is Cheap", "Just a Little Talk with Jesus", "Now is the Time", and "A Church Without Passion".  Don is available to be a guest speaker or preacher at your event. He has ministered to youth and adult congregations around the country. Use our Contact Us page to send your request.


Don Bradley Ministries is about spiritual transformation so that Christians can be the anointed, supernatural people God called us to be. God wants us to be overcomers and not overcome. He wants us to be lenders and not borrowers. He wants us to be leaders and not followers. He wants us to be thermometers and not thermostats. He wants us to be world changers and not changed by the world.


We live in a world where good is called evil and evil, good. We live in a time when Christians are in the closet and the gays have come out. God is raising up His Church and calling forth visionaries like Don Bradley to be heralds of transformation for "a time such as this."

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